Commercial Corn

LongView Farms has consistently produced corn that has yielded well above the county averages, helping to meet the global demand for our product. Our commercial corn is used in thousands of consumer products, livestock feed and ethanol.

Commercial Soybeans

Commercial soybeans are grown on an every other year rotation with the corn crop to help improve soil health and reduce disease pressure. Soybeans produced by LongView Farms are used primarily in livestock rations, bio-diesel production and Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

Seed Corn

Area seed companies provide LongView Farms with parent seed that is produced around the world. Planted side-by side, one parent seed (referred to as male) fertilizes the second parent seed (referred to as female) to produce the hybrid seed corn product that is packaged and sold to producers to be planted as commercial corn the following year. After pollination, the male corn is destroyed and only the corn produced by the female plant is harvested. An important part of this process is the detasseling of the female plant which is accomplished by machines that cut the tops of the plants and then roll the tassels off leaving only a few tassels that need to be pulled by hand. During harvest the corn is picked with the kernels on the cob to help preserve the quality of the seed.

Seed Beans

The seed industry is constantly striving to improve their genetics so that they can offer the consumer a healthy product that will also withstand the changing weather, insect and disease pressure impacting agriculture. LongView Farms strives to meet the seed company’s quality standards when growing their product that will become an important crop for next year’s commercial production.


A small amount of sorghum is grown each year to aid in the isolation of our seed acres. It is sold locally as commercial birdseed.