Stewardship & Responsible Land Practices

LongView Farms will, to the best of our ability, apply the best agronomic practices through the use of new technology and on-farm research.  We make it a priority to educate ourselves on the issues involving agriculture and to share that knowledge with others.

Cover Crops

We work closely with Iowa State University and other private researchers on projects to improve agricultural practices.  Every year, variety selection is carefully managed to best respond to disease and insect pressure.  Creation and maintenance of waterways and CRP ground is an important part of our operation and helps to filter water and reduce siltation, as well as improve available habitat for wildlife.  We have also adopted practices which include using cover crops since 2015, as well as reduced tillage and nitrogen application practices to reduce erosion and minimize the impact on the environment.

Manure 2023

LongView Farms is an early adaptor of new technology which allows us to be more efficient users of fuel and crop inputs.  With the introduction of GPS technology into agriculture applications, we are now able to improve seed placement, tillage, input application, and harvest in addition to reducing compaction, operator fatigue, and chemical and fertilizer overlap.  This all adds up to increased productivity, reduced costs, and good environmental stewardship.

Grain Facility

The LongView Farms headquarters was completed in 2012 using geothermal energy to heat and cool the facility and LED lighting to be as energy efficient as possible.  The innovative grain facility allows for consolidated grain storage, product segregation, and efficient load and unload capabilities to better meet the needs of our area merchandisers.

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We feel blessed to be involved in agriculture and take our responsibility for the land and environment seriously.  We will strive to be good stewards of the land and the resources we impact through our use of best management practices, soil conservation, and our use of energy and resources.