Landowner Options

We value strong relationships with our landowners and partners.  The LongView Farms team offers a variety of leasing options, in addition to other services that bring value to our partners.

Crop Share Lease

The crop income and crop expenses, excluding labor and machinery costs, are shared between the landowner and operator.

Cash Rent Lease

A fair cash rent is paid to the landowner each year for use of the ground.  This lease can be structured with a bonus based off the annual farm production.

Custom Operation

We provide crop services ranging from complete crop production to meeting specific crop needs such as spraying and harvest assistance.

Other services LongView Farms can provide include:

  • Careful selection and purchase of seed varieties, fertilizer, and chemicals based on the farm’s history and needs.

  • Maintenance of individual field and production records.

  • Assistance with crop insurance, marketing, and storage of crops.

  • Assistance with financial management needs.

  • Information that will help keep multi-generation families informed and involved with the farm.

Our team will deliver customized, competitive, farming solutions through our innovative and progressive agricultural experience.  Please let us know if we can help you.