LongView Farms entered the pork industry in 2019 by forming LongView Pork and developing three contract finishing sites. This provides a valuable diversification opportunity for our farm and with it comes new opportunities for fertilizer, corn usage, employment and yield enhancement. We believe that for our operation to stay progressive we must continue to grow and diversify our operation to stay on the cutting edge. 


 Manure from LongView Pork facilities is a great organic source of fertilizer that will replace synthetic fertilizers on a portion of our acres every year. This nutrient management practice aligns well with our goals as an operation to operate in a sustainable way and will allow us to get beneficial nutrients in our soils. We inject manure from our hog facilities into the soil to feed the following years crop. By injecting manure into the soil, crops can fully utilize the nutrients from the organic matter and it is a more neighborly form of application. 



We use modern technology in our facilities to help control and monitor temperature, ventilation, water intake, feed usage and the overall environment for the pigs and people inside the barn. Providing a safe and comfortable environment is our highest priority and digital technology tools allow us to always be in touch with what is going on and help make sure we can meet the immediate needs of the pigs in our facilities. 


All three of the LongView Pork sites are powered by solar panels.  We are committed to innovation at all levels of our business, including utility services. We are committed to innovation at all levels of our business, including utility services.